Monday, April 6, 2009

Marriage Equality Defended In The Daily Iowan

Here's the editorial board's resounding statement in favor of the Iowa Supreme Court's recent ruling:
As the argument over gay marriage will no doubt continue in other parts of our nation, Iowa has taken a triumphant step away from most other states, a step away from the inequality of the past and toward a slowly evolving America focused on “with liberty and justice for all.”

This is not to say that the April 3 decision allowing gay marriage in the state of Iowa won’t be debated or questioned or that those who oppose the court’s ruling won’t redouble their efforts to impose their beliefs and overturn the latest precedent. However, the monumental finding that greeted news readers across the nation on websites April 3 and in newspapers over the weekend has set a defining tone that — hopefully — will ring throughout the rest of the nation in the months and years to come.

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And here's Dean Treftz's brilliantly sarcastic column on the horrors that ruling will soon bring down upon the state:
It started quietly enough.

Instead of the usual cummerbund-cufflink-bowtie man and dress-veil-girdle woman, state parks and Unitarian churches started also wedding pairs of two men — both in tuxedos — and two women — both in tuxedos.

They had love, rice, flowers (and for all I know girdles) — the works — and people forgot the danger. The newspapers, of course, loved it, and while they were snapping front-page tear-jerkers and slowly substituting “controversial decision” with “civil-rights progress,” the lawyers that had descended like so many queer locusts moved on to the next states.

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