Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Michael Savage Can't Stop Thinking, Talking About Gay Sex Acts

(Via Towleroad.)

I really wish I could leave my sex life where it belongs: in the bedroom. But Michael Savage simply won't let me. He really just can't stop thinking all day and all night about the sex acts I engage in behind closed doors. If this lunatic could place a camera in my room and record every intimate detail, I have no doubt that he would. And then he'd go on the radio and describe it all to his listeners.

There's really no question that Savage spends far more time thinking about the various ways in which mouths, penises, and anuses can fit together than I do. But he tries to cover up his obsessive voyeurism by loudly proclaiming how gross it all is--even though he can't bring himself to look away. What a pervert.

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